No requirements to join our legion.  You may apply in game whenever there's a spot open.  We are number 9 on the legion list.

Work and family should always come first and we understand that completely.  However, as the legion member cap is very limited, if you're going to be inactive for more than 14 days please post on the forum with your in-game name.

Members who were removed from the legion roster due to inactivity are always welcome to join again.

Here's the list of players in our legion who are very active. You've probably played with them or seen them in Channel1 chat.

Caddafi, Mikhail, ridz16, Motief, JWBlade, Godzilla, Metsu, Slashez, Nolen, ArthurTerraYin3, Mythica, reacher, KingStrongStyle, Escuro, Sterling1214, Octatvius, KenseiKai, Praetor96, CaesarKhan

Why join us? what makes EMPIRE legion different than the others? Well, for starters, we are a level 5 legion.  This means Overall Gains +5% such as  general experience, copper earnings, adjutant loyalty, etc.  The best part is there is no requirement to be on this legion.  Other legions wants you to maintain a daily donation (play x hours a day), must use a discord (chat program), must meet general level, must have X faction (civilization).  All of these requirements are optional when you're with EMPIRE.  We ask nothing and we expect nothing from our members.  This principle goes both ways in that people who wants to join us, shouldn't expect anything from the legion.